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Commissions for Restaurants 

Kim Abramowitz is now taking on commissions to create custom artwork for restaurants. She was commissioned to create a number of paintings for a local restaurant as part of their art initiative and for sale. Kim was given painting dimensions and directions and was able to work within these parameters to make unique paintings to compliment the restaurant's decor and atmosphere. Contact Kim to discuss a commission for your restaurant.






"Paintings on display at The Rushton restaurant"

Commissions for Weddings and Special Occasions

Kim Abramowitz is now taking on commissions to create custom artwork for weddings and other special occasions. When the wedding or special occasion is over, all that you are left with are your photographs, videos, and memories. A custom piece of art can be a unique piece of decor, a one of a kind backdrop, or a photo wall for your wedding or special occasion. When the day is over, you will always have that piece of your wedding or special occasion as a beautiful reminder of one of the best days of your life. Whether you want Kim to help come up with an idea, or you have an idea of your own, she will work with you to turn your vision into a reality. Kim can tie the artwork into your function. For example, she can incorporate elements of your other pieces of decor such as your colour scheme, painted flowers to match the fresh flowers in your center pieces, or a theme. Contact Kim to discuss a commission for your wedding or special occasion.

















"Our Wedding Blooms"

Commissions for Homes and Offices 

Kim Abramowitz also takes on commissions to create custom artwork for homes and office. She has been commissioned for a number of different projects and has provided art to enhance the space of homes and offices. Whether you want Kim to assess the space and make recommendations or you have a specific idea in mind, she is able to create original works of art to give your space the finishing touch it deserves. By working together, Kim is dedicated to providing original artwork for your unique needs. Contact Kim to discuss a private commission for your home or office space.

"Shades of Grey Blooms Series"

Commission for Damien R. Frost & Associates, Barristers 

Kim was commissioned by the law firm of Damien R. Frost & Associates to provide a series of paintings for their boardroom. Kim was asked to provide artwork that would complement both the firm’s professional character and the physical space. It was not only important that the artwork was appropriate for meeting with clients, but that it would create an atmosphere synonymous with the firm’s dedication to providing the highest quality of legal representation. It was not easy to define what exactly that looked like, so Kim was given creative control to inspire those feelings through her artwork. There is no question that the firm felt that Kim’s series of three paintings, titled “Shades of Grey Blooms”, did exactly that. 


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